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There are many factors that determine how well your house performs on the market. Some are out
you need to take advantage of them to help you have a successful sale.

  • Put your emotions aside. Although you may have lived in your home many years and have
    an emotional connection the buyer does not. Try to look at your home objectively through a
    buyer's eyes.
  • Help buyers fall in love. De-clutter your house. Pack up the things you don't need.
    Minimize the amount of things you have on counters, bookcases, tables, etc. Make sure you
    have good curb appeal and a clean, inviting front door area. Fresh paint and carpet can
    improve a homes overall appearance with minimal cost.
  • Price it right. One of the most important things. Price is determined by condition, size, etc
    and recent sold properties that are similar and in same area. Over pricing can actually cause
    a home to be on the market longer. Under pricing could cause you to lose out on your home's
    maximum value. This is where your Realtor plays an important role as they always have
    access to the latest market data.


Hmmm...that is a question by many sellers. If there is a major system that is need of repair, it would
be wise to fix it before putting your home on the market. Such as roof, heating and air conditioning
issues, plumbing leaks, etc. Most buyers will have a home inspection as part of their home buying
process so other items can be negotiated then.

  • Fix Little Things. Take care of the small obvious things like leaking faucets, running toilets,
    broken windows, pet or smoke odors. Make sure bathrooms are spotless, re-grout if needed.
    Small things tell a buyer whether or not your home has been well maintained.
  • Paint It! A light colored neutral color usually looks great. It makes the interior space look
    cleaner, crisper and sometimes larger. Buyers will appreciate not having to move in and
    immediately repaint. Exterior paint and trim also needs to be scraped and painted if it is
    flaking and peeling.
  • Flooring. If your carpet is in good shape, it might only need cleaning.  However if you have
    any carpet that is torn, ripped, or excessively worn and outdated it will benefit you to replace
    it. Same is true with vinyl flooring. Buyers will typically reduce their offer by what they think it
    would cost to replace anyway. The property will show much better with new flooring and bring
    you the highest return in the shortest time.


Pricing is one the most important factors in selling a home. In a competitive Real Estate Market
pricing your home correctly will help ensure a quicker sale. Overpricing attracts fewer buyers and
causes your home to be on the market longer. Once a home sits on the market too long buyers
question what is wrong with it. Some of the factors that influence the value of your home include:

  • Physical Qualities:  Location, floor plan, size, style of home and updates.
  • Market Conditions:  Availability of buyer financing, interest rates, seasonal demand, the
    general economy and recent property sales.
  • Competition:  How many other homes are available, their condition, location and pricing.

Each of these figure into the value appraisers determine when appraising your home. Most buyers
require financing and an appraisal is required as part of their loan process. Remember that the
price you paid or the proceeds you want from the sale have no effect on the value of your home.

The Real Estate Market is constantly changing, that's why it's beneficial to have a Real Estate
Professional helping you. If you are thinking about selling in the Odessa, Midland or Andrews Texas
area or have any questions about real estate
contact me.  I would be glad to help you.
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